Epson Duet Ultra Portable Projector Screen

One screen, two sizes

Accolade ™ ‘s Duet ™ ultra-portable projection screen is the first ultra-portable projection screen to provide both standard (4: 3) and widescreen (16: 9) formats, providing a perfect solution for business presentations and home theater applications.

The screen has a floor stand and a stand (with anchors) for wall projection. All you need to do is pull the screen out of the required size-65 inches for video viewing, or 80 inches for HDTV viewing. After the presentation, fold the screen back to its storage location. The setup is effortless.

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Advantages of Epson Duet

  • Get excellent images through a bright white screen
  • Expand the screen to the size that suits you best-standard (4: 3) or HDTV (16: 9)
  • Use with any home theater or business projector
  • Enjoy fast and straightforward setup
  • The store quickly and easily
  • For commercial presentations or home theater applications
  • Installed on floor bracket or wall bracket (both included)
  • When closed, Duet will form his suitcase (only 43 inches long)
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Limitations of Epson Duet

  • One disadvantage of Duet compared to fixed frame screens is that there is no support at the top of the screen. Therefore, the top edge of the screen may sag slightly in the center. Although it does not affect the overall situation, it may also be a minor trouble.
  • Also, the tripod has two legs forward and one leg back when sitting, and requires a nearly 30-inch gap with the wall when using the tripod. If you need to place the screen close to the wall, you need to use the included wall bracket.

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In conclusion

The price of Epson Duet is less than $ 250, and it can provide you with a super portable screen, which is very suitable for 4: 3 or 16: 9 projection in the office or at home. It can be easily stowed when not in use, and paired with a portable projector can become part of a compelling mobile theater. Its price and value are excellent.

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ncortizz: Epson Duet portable projection screen is straightforward to use. I use it with the stand. Most of the time, I am too lazy to put it in the closet. From the Epson screen, the color is better than from the sheet.

jronza: After looking at various projector screens, the Epson Duet portable projection screen seems to be very suitable for me, and the price is very reasonable.
I’m setting up a home theater solution for my bedroom, and after measuring the screen size that can be accommodated, it looks like 80 inches is perfect. My wall is light blue, and the ceiling is white. I intend to use it mainly in very dim light.

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