What is an Elmo Projector?

Elmo is a Japanese electronics and optics company. In addition to projectors, this company also produces cameras and other presentation equipment.
The Elmo projector is a document camera and projection system. Its primary purpose is to display opaque documents and other objects. In other words, materials made without transparencies. These documents require a camera and projection lens to work correctly. Not only documents and objects can be displayed on the Elmo projector, but also videos.

The Elmo projector is a camera mounted on a stand and connected to a digital projector. Its system is not very complicated. Non-professionals only need to follow the manual to use this device. It allows you to view the projection of objects on the board so that the class can see things better.
The Elmo projector is very suitable for teachers to use when giving lectures or presentations to students. The Elmo projector allows you to display documents and objects for viewing by the entire audience. Just connect to the projector, and your audience will participate.

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