TOPVISION T21 Mini Cell Phone Projector Reviews in 2020

Why haven’t we used the projector at home? Perhaps it was because they were too expensive before, and the price/performance ratio was not high. However, when TopVision claimed that their mini projectors were affordable, had large screens, and had a better brightness of 3600 lux, we should buy one. Here, we recommend buying TOPVISION T21 Mini Projector because it has a high price-performance ratio!

TOPVISION T21 Mini Projector features

1. TOPVISION T21 Mini Projector can be easily synchronized with the smartphone screen. Without the cooperation of the HDMI adapter or Wi-Fi environment, you can directly connect the projector to a smartphone or laptop through a USB cable. Other devices supported by this Projector include Amazon Fire TV Stick / Tablet PC / TV / USB memory stick / DVD player / TF card (maximum 32GB).

2. This Projector is a perfect portable home theater projector with a 2000:1 contrast ratio and a 16:10 aspect ratio. In the projection distance of 1.5-5.2 meters, the projection size can be enlarged to 50-176 inches. The official recommended viewing distance is about 3m.

3. The lamp life of this LED video projector is very long, more than 50000 hours! You can use the home theater for more than 30 years without replacing the projector lamp. The brightness of this projector has been upgraded to 3600 lux, which will look clearer and more bright than the average low-lumen projector!

4. TOPVISION T21 Mini Projector is a tempered glass lens. Compared with general resin lenses, it has higher thermal stability and can effectively resist high temperatures.

5. After purchasing the projector, you will get a 3-month return guarantee and a 24-month commitment! If you have any questions about after-sales, you can contact the merchant at any time. So we will buy it with high confidence.


LED Brightness 3600 Lux
Native Resolution 800*480
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Max Screen Size 176″
Display Technique LCD
Built-in Speakers Yes

8.7Expert Score
TOPVISION Mini Projector with Mirror Display!

  • Can be synchronized with the phone screen
  • Advanced fan cooling system
  • Built-in HiFi stereo speakers
  • The fan is very loud

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