Which Portable Projector is Better? Which Brand is Better?

Portable projectors are also known as pocket projectors. They are very popular among young people because of their small size, exquisite appearance, and more. Owning it allows you to watch movies anytime and anywhere at home, and you can also enjoy the big screen vision when you go out to play. So, how much do you know about portable projectors? What kind of portable projector is better? Which brand of the portable projector is better?

What kind of portable projector is better?

1. Look at the life of the LED bulb

Many of the current mini projectors are based on the DLP technology LED light source portable projection, but the life of the LED lamp is uneven, ranging from thousands of hours to 20,000 hours.For example, the life of some projector LED lights is more than 20,000 hours, and it can be used for about 20 years under normal use. The average LED lamp has a service life of only a few thousand hours, and it quickly breaks down. It takes a lot of money to change a bulb, so the quality of LED bulbs with high life will be okay.

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2. Look at the parameters of the mini projector

Resolution: Of course, the higher the resolution of the microprojector, the better. The higher the resolution of the projector, the better and clearer the digital imaging effect. Of course, the more expensive the price, this depends on your actual situation. You need to choose from it. In general, a resolution of 854×480 is sufficient.

Brightness: The brightness of the microprojector is not as high as possible. Of course, the brightness of dozens of lumens is too low to be enough. A household projector with a lumen of 500 to 1000 is more suitable. For example, Anmuhua A1 mini projector, with a lumen of about 1000, is more suitable for use at home. You can watch movies normally by pulling curtains during the day and turning on small lights at night.

Picture ratio: Many DVD sources are now played in a 16: 9 ratio, and the aspect ratio of high-definition TV screens is also 16: 9, so pay special attention to which brand of the microprojector is good. The screen projection ratio of 16: 9 is better.

3. See if the Android system is really installed

Now many regular brands have roll out multi-function micro projectors, mainly because they have installed a high version of the Android system, which can support Bluetooth, wifi, single-touch gameplay, and other functions. And some mini-projectors also support mobile power charging. When the projector is out of power, the portable power can be connected to play movies usually.

Which brand of the portable projector is good?

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1. BenQ Dentsu. BenQ Dentsu, founded in 1984, and now it is a well-known electronic communications company. It has been adhering to the development in the field of projectors, people like the portable projectors they design. BenQ Dentsu also has services such as imaging, storage, wireless communication, video, digital display, and broadband network.

2. Epson. If you listen to the name, you might think that it is an American company. In fact, It is a Japanese company. Epson has a long history. It was established in 1942. Epson has been insisting on improving and innovating in digital imaging technology for many years, providing users with the best products and services, and its portable projectors also have their characteristics.

3. Acer. People are more impressed by Acer’s computers, especially Acer laptops, which have huge sales in China. Acer is not only engaged in computer research and development, but also portable projectors, servers, LCD monitors, etc. are the business of Acer.

4. Sony. Sony is also a Japanese manufacturer of electronic products. It started with the production of electronic products. It has now spanned industries such as cameras, mobile phones, computers, entertainment, film, and television, and more, covering a wide range of businesses.

5. NEC. It belongs to a Japanese-US joint venture company and has been established for more than 100 years. It has a long history but insists on innovation. NEC has made significant achievements in communications, IT, semiconductors, and more, and provides users with the best products.

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After reading this article, I believe everyone already knows how to choose a good portable projector. To judge the quality of a portable projector, judge from the above aspects. If these aspects are not good, it is not a good portable projector. Friends who need to buy a projector may wish to take a closer look, and hope to help you purchase! For more projector information, all at Projectorlove.com. Welcome to collect this site!

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