What do the Projector Brightness and ANSI Lumens Mean?

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1. What does the projector brightness mean?

Simply put, it is the light from the projector’s light machine. The index of projector brightness defines the brightness of the projector’s image. The projector’s light output determines it. However, there is currently no uniform standard for manufacturers in the world, so it has different names in each manual, such as brightness, illuminance, light output, and more. There are many units of this indicator, such as lux, lumen, White peak lumens, ANSI (ANSI) lumens, and more. In fact, in optical theory, there are strict definitions and units for the physical quantity that represents the lightness and darkness of an object, but in daily use, people often refer to it as brightness. (VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, 1080P and 170” Display)

2. What do ANSI lumens mean?

Put merely, ANSI lumens is formulated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), that is, ANSI lumens is used to represent the light output of the projector, which has been generally accepted internationally.

ANSI lumens is a very important technical indicator of a projector. “Light out” is usually expressed in terms of luminous flux, which is the ability to describe the strength of the light source radiation’s visual response per unit time. The unit is lumens. (ONN Portable Projector Review)

Projector luminous flux international standard unit is ANSI lumens, a method for measuring the luminous flux of projectors developed by the National Institute of Standardization. It has been generally accepted internationally.

So what the author wants to tell you here is that when we buy a projector, we only need to refer to ANSI lumens as the unit of brightness! As long as it is not ANSI lumens, it is not standardized, and ANSI lumens must be used as the standard.

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